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Hawk, Well Written

Requiring a license or permit is a "feel good" act imposed by government to give the illusion that a person is competent to operate a machine, own a firearm, dispense legal advice, give medical treatment or run a lemonade stand because of the State's stamp of approval. The problem is it puts the emphasis on a bunch of central government bureaucrats that competes unfairly with the private sector.

For example, if you want to drive a car on the public highway, take a private driver's education class. They have a vested interest in making sure you know how to drive a vehicle as well as the rules of the road because their reputation depends upon it. Issuing a certificate of competency upon completion is their attestation to your skill and a statement of their creditability as a business.

To mention another myth; do criminal laws protect people?

No, they punish offenders. That's what the criminal legal system does, punishes people for breaking the law after the act. So where is the "protection" government always propagandizes about? It doesn't exist. It gives the public a false sense of security and makes every man, woman and child vulnerable to criminal intent.

Harsher sentences, penalties and fines is not going to deter a person from causing injury to others or the illegal taking of property. Crime will always happen given the right circumstances; it's one of the ingrained flaws of human nature.