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Constitutional Convention

We can address a proper format for a social contract to maintain the republic. We can hit reset on consolidation and re affirm local sovereignty. We can return to a federal union of nation states.

We could at the same time we hold our constitutional convention issue a new declaration of independence and list our grievances.

Convince your state reps to call a constitutional convention.

If you block congress or try to mutiny the troops, you endanger civilians. Black bagging of soldiers and protest will be national security blah blah blah on the news channels, and drones will strike the most capable. We must address the boring channels of legislative change and express our right to appeal.

A. John Marshall Judicial Review - should be revoked for taking from the state legislative bodies the power to interpret the constitution by nullification.

B. A consistent effort to counterfeit the money of our people and to further use such money to purchase political favor.

C. The alteration of the natural born from a citizen of a state to the citizen of the nation in the 14th amendment.

D. The Organic Act of DC 1871 Establishes a corporation to hold all considerable property of people registered as U.S citizen. This alters the relationship and undermines the consent of the people.

E. A consistently accelerated process of mutable policy. We charge that the nature of our democratic bickering is the folly of embracing survival without a plan. A republic consist of brief explanations of justice, which should maintain the test of time.

We challenge that mutable policy has taken hold of our government through several means.
1. The length of policy bills in comparison to the time one must take to digest and understand the ramification in context.
2. The regulatory bills and rider bills which compacted the problem.
3. An unimpeachable branch in the Judiciary, who also hold titles of nobility.
5. Through the consolidation of areas dealt with by the local states by taking use of implied power.
6. By creating subsidiary corporations trained and funded to reflect the narrative in favor of governmental operations(AP/Media/Mainstream). Included in this concern is the treason of the justice department to detain and torture journalist who speak truth to injustice. Our government has committed a terrible misuse of public trust by delegating that much of what they undertake must remain secret and without public scrutiny.

F. We have been forced to comply and participate in the worst acts of human indecency known to the human imagination. We contend that although our leaders were not relinquished from power by foreign rulers, they have still participated in many un American conflicts of war. Claiming victory does not forgive our transgressions, we must admit the fault and seek remedy to the future living such terrible times. The primary subject to this convention should be the relinquishing of U.S hegemonic dominance, toward a humble and happy nation. We begin a new leaf, its the season, to give them a reason,

Revolt with Love, Remember our past, Cherish the emancipation of your soul.

I do believe the people would be ready for armed revolt, but they must be silent gorilla style until the battle has shifted.

This is where I would start. We cannot shut it down without an alternative. We must know what will be in our declaration of independence and our social contract.

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