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I'm in between on Max.

I think the Silver Vigilante movement was a stroke of genius, and if it ever got "Occupy" type virulence, we'd bring the banksters down overnight. For some reason, none of the "big voices" in the "liberty movement" ever got behind the idea. They may yet, it remains one of the MOST viable "DIY Liberty" efforts available to us. For now...
Max's blind spot on "MAN MADE global warming" is suspiciously recalcitrant. I have taken part of a feeding frenzy on his own website when he and Stacey go of on one of their tangents. They are dismissive and insulting to anyone who dares to question anything, will not address the "climategate" emails, will not even discuss the issue, they go straight to name calling and insulting... THEIR VIEWERS. The majority of them.
I have come to suspect that the "successful" alternative media has been cutting some sort of deal with the devil... They get to spew this much truth, so long as you hammer the official lie this much of the time... or something. I don't know. I LOVE Michale Rivero's site,, but he has this really weird blind spot about Obama's birth certificate. If you want to see it, you are a crazy birther. Funny, I sure FEEL like a curious American.... the kind of curious individual Rivero is on everything else. Now Ventrua thinks Sandy Hook is hunky dory.... I just see a pattern. Except here. I think MN's format has kept this site above that. I hope.

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