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Comment: Catholicism and the Austrian School

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Catholicism and the Austrian School

Are free markets an anathema to Catholicism?

Here's a book review from Tom Woods (I haven't read the book being reviewed):

Here's an essay from Woods himself:

Other Catholics, too, seem to grasp the importance of contributions to humanity from Mises:

My favorite is Rothbard's take. Try the first several chapters of his masterpiece History of Economic Thought:


Of course, on the other side of the debate there is literature that I, for one, consider to be obvious NWO propaganda, such as:

The gist of that book appears to be: "You will go to hell if you don't consider your brother first and foremost." Remember the French Revolution, though, with all those Jacobin Club socialists running around murdering left & right and saying to their fellow (Catholic) Frenchmen: "Be my brother or I will kill you" (a real motto of the people perpetrating that terror).

Fortunately, people aren't always so quick to obey the collar, as comments beneath this drive-by dismissal might indicate:


Concluding opinion: I'm afraid that the Catholic Church, like so many other institutions in these "modern" times, has been overrun by what can only be described (in torah terminology) as luciferians.