Comment: SSRI are very dangerous

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SSRI are very dangerous

I have some personal experience with SSRI, and let me tell you. At first you think it is helping you, you think these drugs actually work, but it is clearly very double edge. If you are mentally unstable to begin with the last thing you want to do is take SSRI, and the worst thing you can do is take more than 1 pill at one time. I tried that once and it was horrific. The absolute worst feeling on my life. I felt suicidal, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I felt like a complete failure. These pills are specifically engineered to give you a front end temporary carefree feeling, but on the back-end it is PURE EVIL. It screws with your brain big time. SSRI's in my opinion should be banned, they are probably the most dangerous pharmaceutical out there. After taking this crap for less than a week I realized that it has the potential for far more harm than good.