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I read the whole thing.

It'd make a great novel and it's a fun philosophical thought, but there is literally no way to derive any ideas about right and wrong from it. The implication is that if all is me, then logically I am all. If I am all, and if I belong to me, then, logically, all belong to me. Obviously, most people don't want to hurt themselves... but then it's no longer right and wrong, it's what I want. The unstated claim is that there is no higher law that matters; if we take the example in the story, "god" just kinda watches us and does the equivalent of giving us a Youtube like or dislike for each life.

Sorry. It's well written and entertaining, but I find very little substance to it if you claim to believe in morality. On the other hand, a sociopath or a relativist could certainly make a case based on that assumption.

I've never been one for the New Age stuff, anyway. I'm young, but my ideas are old. Very old. You might call me a traditionalist or a fundamentalist. I call myself a Christian and a classical liberal.

With that, I respectfully disagree with you and wish you the best in your pursuit of truth.