Comment: I Try To Be Open Minded

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I Try To Be Open Minded

I really do. I watch these planes make tic-tac-toe patterns in the sky and try to tell myself it's just atmospheric conditions, and there are just lots more planes now than when I was a kid and never saw this stuff. I sometimes wish I could go up there and take a sample of the exhaust and have it tested or get close ups with a camera of the planes. BUT DAMN! When I see one plane that looks military crisscrossing the sky leaving massive amounts of trail that is big, spreads, and eventually becomes a cloud, while another jet goes by leaving only a contrail that disappears soon after it passes at about the same altitude, at the same time, it makes me think again. I know, the skeptics will ask, "how do you know it's the same altitude"? I don't know for a fact but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to look up and see ALL those planes at ALL those altitudes doing DIFFERENT stuff. That's not my only argument, just a start. Please watch "What in the World are They Spraying" and "Why in the World are They Spraying" if you are a true skeptic. THEN post comments.