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Comment: Friendly suggestion

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Friendly suggestion

Be prepared when having this discussion for deeply religious folks who find this idea offensive. They do not believe they own themselves. They believe god owns them.

This however is not inconsistent with your position, however, which is why I mention it.

A Christian may not own himself, but he has been given exclusive stewardship over himself, which he, as steward, may not abrogate nor may he transfer to another.

Stewardship of yourself on this world is given to you, and you may not give it back. You may not give it to another. Until God takes it away, no other human may stake a claim against your person. You are responsible for you, and no one else is, or ever can be.

You have been given yourself, and the products of yourself, as exclusive and unalienable.

You have been given yourself, and the consequences of yourself and your actions, as exclusive and unavoidable.