Comment: I am unclear as to why you chose these verses.

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I am unclear as to why you chose these verses.

Is it because the people were burning incense to the "queen of heaven?"

The liturgical burning of incense IS an act of worship according to Catholics. Incense is never burned to adore Mary- only God. Mary is called the Queen of heaven simply because she is the Mother of God (Jesus.) These people were not burning incense to that Queen obviously because she was not even in existence at that point in time. And I do not know anyone that ever burns incense to her- especially not a Catholic with a basic knowledge of their religion.

Personally, I think the passage you have just quoted actually condemns those who consider material goods and their welfare on earth to be the judge of which God they serve. So by that lesson, does it make sense to condemn a Church if we do not believe it is sufficiently ensuring our financial happiness? The Catholic Church has many times denounced usury and all sorts of thievery, but that message has been diluted and neglected in recent years by modern men.

Perhaps it is not God who is going to directly punish us. Rather, He has given us free will and allows us to make our mistakes and see the consequences.