Comment: Local law enforcement is an ally

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Local law enforcement is an ally

You shouldn't even joke about disarming local police, even state police, let alone honestly suggest it. That would be the golden ticket for a tyrannical Federal Government. In reality, local law enforcement is part of our communities; and therefore, they honestly strive to protect and perserve their homes and neighborhoods, their friends and families.

The cops in my small Jersey town all live in or very close to the town in which they serve. They are friends of many homeowners and business owners; their children go to district schools; they know many people personally; and, although there is minor corruption and misuse of power, most of them serve with a heartfelt and honest desire to do what they believe is right.

With that said, should tyranny take its full form, armed local law enforcement is the best civilian militia most communities have, and the Federal Government will seek to minimize their power and authority just like they will for badgeless citizens. They would have them disarmed and overpowered by military authorities.

Ultimately, local law enforcement is an ally of the people. Just look at how many towns have said they will not participate in enforcing new Federal gun regulation. Now, imagine that type of alligance to the the people and the Constitution amplified in a time of war on US soil, whether it be of foreign or domestic origin.