Comment: Yes. choose your OWN "path"..

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Yes. choose your OWN "path"..

you know best, right? You understand all of scripture, its historiucal context, have studied it in Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew and Greek. YOU know best how the various styles of divine revelation exampled in Scripture are best understood. YOU know what all this Scripture, that has been preserved through the ages by CATHOLIC monks and priests, means. And ou know for a fact that God has never, and will never, reveal Himself except through the Bible.
This post is just more Catholic bashing. Don't like Catholicism? Simple. Then don't join the Church. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, all statist dictators chose "their own paths". I'll follow God, thank you.
Is the Catholic Church perfect? No. And neither is any other organization of human beings. Compare the body pile of the Church with the body piles of ATHEIST states of the 20th century alone.