Comment: You don't have your facts straight.

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You don't have your facts straight.

Anyone who is self-employed like myself, would die for a 17% flat tax rate when the self-employed tax alone is 15.3% in 2013. If you work a job, your employer pays 7.65% on your behalf and the other 7.65% is taken out of your check (fica).

You are only considering the tax rate after those with holdings, which puts your numbers so far off in left field it's crazy. It would be like paying 1.7% income tax under the current convoluted system for those who are self employed or worst case scenario, 9.45% for those employed by others if your employer is a jerk and pockets all the cash he was paying for your taxes.

With that said, I still would like Dr. Paul's 0% tax rate :)

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