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Middle Class

It is terrible that folks are losing there homes and life styles. I noticed that most of them are very over weight. We need to educate folks on the importance of not eating wheat products and soda.

I feel terrible seeing them so hopeless. We have very uneducated Americans who do not know how to save money or how to be creative to survive in this world.

I am fortunate at this time. Things can change for anyone. I am willing to live with strangers. If I have to , I will rent out rooms in my home in order to survive.

There are no guarentees in life. It is up to you to create your reality.

This is a Liberitarian website. We believe in capitalism. Yes, the government has over taxed us and over burdened the companies with too many regulations.

We are going into terrible times. The answer is to recreate our government. The system is broke.

I'm so sorry for all those out there who are unhealthy and losing their homes. Get into shape, no one will save you. You are accountable for you.