Comment: You are talking about FRNs, not US dollars ($)...

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You are talking about FRNs, not US dollars ($)...

What your article fails to clarify, obfuscates, or a matter of which the author is unaware, is that US ($) dollars are by legal and constitutional definition, not Federal Reserve Notes. The latter FRNs are the current money of account essentially with which most Americans, and many others, are forced to trade! Real US dollars ($) are a quantity of gold and silver!

Like a quart contains something, they are the 'container' which contains gold!

Early in the twentieth century the US $ was defined as 1/20th an ounce of gold. FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes of debt) were kept at nearly the value of the US $ until shortly after Franklin D. Roosevelt unconstitutionally and criminally forced Americans to trade in their gold at the going rate of 1/20th ounce of gold per one US dollar ($); IE: 20 US dollars per ounce of gold. Very shortly after, that same perfidious oath-breaker deceived the people by devaluing the US dollar ($) down to 1/35th ounce of gold per one US dollar ($), or $35 per ounce of gold. In this he effectively defrauded over one third of the wealth of the people. The wealth of the people was transferred to the 'buyer' of their gold, after the 'agreed upon' price of $20 per ounce was applied to the forced sale! This was but one of the many impeachable offenses FDR committed!

But the Federal Reserve Note was still tied to the US dollar ($), though it did extort more from the people, it did not fulfill it's true mission until 1971, when Nixon once again attacked the value of the US$ and the wealth of the people. In one fell swoop he both defrauded the people, devaluing their money, and also ended the tenuous connection between the FRN and the diminishing dollar by closing the door on gold trades for the FRN, something which was until then only afforded foreigners anyway.

That defrauding of the people, something Nixon allowed but which is not discussed very much, was the corresponding rape once again of the peoples wealth and value of their dwindling real US$... if any still held them. This was the devaluation of the real US dollar, again! From the Roosevelt era 1/35th ounce, down to the new 1/42.22 ounce value. This effectively defined what was left of the US dollar, as equal to 1/42.22 of one ounce of gold... IE: gold value in US$ is $42.22 per ounce!

There it remains today.

But the once proud and staunch US dollar is missing! We are absent any real US dollars to hold that flag of value high for the world to see! Not having any of these US dollars in their pockets the ability was lost to store the people's labor, to save their wealth, to lend for growth and to earn for prosperity!

In the 1960's those who saw the hand writing on the wall and saved the disappearing silver coin, saved their wealth from confiscation, transfer, and planned government theft! In effect they avoided serfdom!

Those who participated in this scheme, partnering with the Federal Reserve Bank, obtaining tremendous amounts of newly counterfeited Federal Reserve Notes, received the wealth theft/transfer of the serfs, as 20th century Lords!

Though the bleeding of gold form the US stopped to some degree, it also allowed for the first time a free and open method of defrauding the people once again, on a regular basis, through the hidden tax/wealth transfer of fiat counterfeit FRN creation... now completely unimpeded by the need for the gold backed US$!

Though the US$ dollar remains therefore the value of 1/42.22 of an ounce of gold, according to the constitution and federal law, the FRN, euphemistically referred to as the 'dollar', and the only instrument allowed essentially as legal tender, is become the instrument of plunder, wealth transfer, counterfeit theft, and all the other trappings of the feudal age. We now live in the age of feudalism, with the serfs bound to the FRN and it's formula of theft, hidden tax, and wealth transfer to the lords who control the printing presses to this end!

To answer your question then, the US$ dollar still stands as the constitutional money, at 1/42.22 fraction of an ounce of gold, and gold standing at 42.22 dollars per ounce! All the parsing, obfuscation, circumlocution, to the contrary, will not bring back the FRN as the US$!

It was for this reason that the Gold Commission under Reagan succeeded at least as far as creating once again real money. They 'Acted' to create once again gold and silver coins for the people!

Unfortunately the money thieves in the FRN camp new the circulation of these as legal tender would signal the collapse of their hegemony over the transfer of wealth machine they control! They needed some way to place a monkey wrench in the cogs of competing currencies, something Ron Paul has advocated every time he ran for office.

To this end they made a US$50 coin from one ounce of gold, and then a US $25 dollar coin from one half ounce of gold, and a US $5 from one tenth ounce... but, they effectively prevented commerce by making the US $10 from one quarter ounce of gold! It would have been accurate, more practical and thus effective for commerce, to make $40, $20, $10, and $5 denominated coins, for the 1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10th ounce weights of gold!

Bottom line is most people have only the thread of control over their earnings since they are counted in FRNs at this point in our history and in this time of dwindling freedom! They better understand the difference, or they will all be fleeced of their entire earnings eventually, with loss of wealth, savings, earning power, poverty, and eventually serfdom the only result of that ignorance!