Comment: The neocons are not the "old guard"

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The neocons are not the "old guard"

They are former Democrats who switched to the GOP and merely claim to be conservative.

This process began in ernest in the 60's and 70's. There have been successive waves nationally and locally.

For example, in Louisiana, the GOP in name, holds a dominating majority of state-wide and legislative and local offices.

In reality, half of those or more, used to all be Democrats. Here, what is being seen is the effect of the end of the stranglehold of the Democrat party, where now people are "free" to be members of another and still get elected.

Democrats nationwide figured out they couldn't always win being Democrats. They found that if you give lip service to conservatives, they are stupid enough to elect you, fearing your Democrat opponent even more, even though you are no better, or even worse.

But make no mistake, the Neocons and the Country Club wing are NOT the same.

The Country Club wing isn't just a wing. It IS the party. It formed the GOP originally.

The GOP was NEVER the party of true free markets, American individualism, or State Autonomy. (commonly known as "states rights")

From Day 1, the GOP has been about centralized government control in the hands of Washington politicians, controlled from behind the scenes by high finance and anti-competitive (but still very capitalist) industry titans.

It makes no sense to try to "restore it" because it never was what people want it to be.