Comment: I am a creation evolutionist...

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I am a creation evolutionist...

but I am not an intelligent designer. The creator in my story is an unknowing force that has no power but to create and destroy from the laws that started God. These laws happen to be the same laws governing everything else. Nature.

I disagree that you "should" have both. My God does the same thing as atheist's nature. You do not need God for evolution to exist because through falsified experiments, across many fields, evolution has become the consensus. These days it is very difficult to become the consensus. You must know how to read measured information, and you must make the experiments repeatable. On top of that, if we are talking about evolution centered fields like molecular genetics, the science has become much more complex.

I agree that you do not need to be an atheist if you are an evolutionist. The argument that you must read the bible literally or you are going to hell makes no sense. It was Moses who wrote Genesis, supposedly. Why couldn't he have written allegories? Didn't Jesus speak in parables all of the time? Wasn't he supposedly God? So if God spoke through Moses to write the bible, why not in the form of allegory in some sections?

Maybe the scientific story of creation was too much for the people to handle at that point in time, so God softened Moses' words and made them more understandable. Who knows?! Not me.

-Matthew Good