Comment: Dick Durbin: PUBLIC ENEMY

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The end of the video had Dick Durbin, D., IL, speaking in order to obfuscate the Consuitution.
A simple search of 'Richard Durbin' found a Wikipedia entry about this person, Within it is the root of what drives him. You might not like to hear or read this truth, but it is essential to realize WHO (or rather WHAT) is currently controlling Congress.
Cut-and pasted from Wikipedia:
In 1982, Durbin won the Democratic nomination for the now-eliminated 20th congressional district, which included most of Springfield. He scored a huge upset, defeating 22-year incumbent Paul Findley. As part of the decennial redistricting process, Findley's district had been redrawn to include more Democrats. Durbin's campaign emphasized unemployment and financial difficulties facing farmers, and told voters that electing him would send "a message to Washington and to President Reagan that our economic policies are not working." Durbin benefited from donations by pro-Israel groups from around the United States, in particular, concentrated support from AIPAC,[3] that had been angered by Findley's support for an American policy of a more equal treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis.[4] Ultimately, Findley raised more money than Durbin, $582,793 to $417,635 in the year prior to the election. Durbin was reelected six times, rarely facing serious opposition, and winning more than 55% of the vote in each election except 1994.

American/Isreali Political Action Committee
The SAME ones that are in control of the SPLC
Southern Poverty Law Center
That keep harping about 'militias' and 'white people with guns'

YES, the SAME ONES that have promoted 'political correctness', and are in charge of the NEA...

In order to solve the problem, the first step is to CORRECTLY IDENTIFY the problem.
Zionists are not of a specific race or religion (90% are actually athiests, deists, or from 'other' backgrounds, and a large percentage are NOT CAUCASIAN), so any racially-motivated slurs against this argumentative FACT cannot be logically waged.

To kill a snake, you must cut off its' head. Your enemy also knows this fact. the HEAD LAW is the SUPREME law (CONSTITUTION), and their unwavering and undying GOAL is to KILL YOU ('WE THE PEOPLE of the United States').
Feinstien is a stupid, greedy, manipulated MERE woman (soon to be 'useless eater', but NOW a 'USEFUL TOOL'), but DURBIN is 'a man with a plan', and there is NO DOUBT that he controls her.
You really should study the classics, like 'The 47 Communist Planks For The Overthrow Of America', to gain understanding.
Ted Cruz is young and inexperienced (AND ALONE), and does not understand the barbaric and totalitarian nature of his ravenous and wholly evil enemies that occupy the seats of 'power and control' within the CURRENT 'United States, Incorporated'. He shall surely learn, either by THEIR hands, or by his OWN studies.

Good luck.