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Comment: Your snark is very telling

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Your snark is very telling

You'd rather alienate people and have your small little club of "wise" freaks than make real progress on real issues.

Want to know why my "reception" is low and I get downvoted when I challenge movement-jackers like you? Because most of the rational, mainstream folks abandoned this site long ago. I rarely post myself. But when I'm out accomplishing real-world change, talking to people, publishing research, etc., I run into scores of former DPers who just don't have the patience for you and your cadre of freaks.

And yes, that's what you are: freaks. You could be fighting to end the wars, bring transparency to excessive executive power, pushing for real monetary reform, etc. Instead you're hung up on this idea that evil people flying around spraying crap in the cloud. You do realize how 99.99% of the world sees you, right? And you make it impossible to accomplish change on other issues. Keep up the good work, freaks.