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Thank you for directions to get to the information :)

I finished listening. I like everything BUT the 17% He did say tho Free to keep the fruit of one's labor. So how is it that we keep the fruit of our labor and send 17% of it to Washington? Perhaps tho, we are so bad off in debt that we have to do that at this point? I don't know. I will say, tomorrow I am going to spend the day sorting thru paper so I can file taxes. I actually resent the fact that I have to spend a day going thru papers so I can file some more paper for the government. In that case if I would prefer some type of flat tax IF there is going to be a tax. I wonder if 17% incloudes SSI? You know the Social Security Insurance that isn't really insurance but a Ponzi.

I am thinking Gary Johnson wanted a 27% Fair Tax last year. I couldn't see how that was fair either.

Did Ron Paul ever state a tax rate? All I can remember is that we should be free to keep the fruits of our labor. And that was a truth that I had never heard before.

Oh well, thats my rant. Thanks for the heads up.