Comment: On top of this mess, they're

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On top of this mess, they're

On top of this mess, they're constantly stressing everyone with their incessant social engineering crap. The reason why everything will keep getting worse and worse is because Foreign policy, Monetary policy, Trade policy, and status quo policies will never change from one president to the next.

This from a Watts Up With That comment;
"Robin says:
March 14, 2013 at 7:01 pm
I second the recommendation of The Rational Optimist although my work on education globally makes me less optimistic. I actually believe that what is going on now with education reform is not dissimilar to what Matt describes in about 15th century China. The bureaucrats do not want technology or inventions that will displace their current authority. We are literally watching education being used now to try to avoid the creative destruction inherent in markets. We can get through the ed reforms and the false CAGW hyping but only if they are seen accurately for the effects they are trying to achieve. Statism would be a succinct way to describe it."