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Reasonable taxes

reasonable taxes I am for some taxes, but not when they are for bailing out ba businesses or testing monkeys for marijuana so to speak..

CA is micro climates. The Pacific Ocean, lakes, mountains, rivers, that runs tropical in San Diego to cloud forest, where I am now in Mendocino. Then there's the valley's where we have agriculture and we have geoengineering, so the climate is changing.. CA is beautiful, and I guess there is something in the weather because people who live here for a long time get lazy, while people new here are so blown away they take the jobs and do very well.. I've been told many times by successful people in CA that they succeeded because Californians are lazy.. but they say that about Hawai'ians too. I've passed through TX on the 10 at least three times.. maybe 5. Enjoyed Austin, didn't really like Houston or Galveston.. I've met many wonderful people from Texas, and am proud to say that I make a vegan chili that vegetarians from Texas flip out because it tastes like the Texas Chili they grew up with (part of my secret is soyrizzo).