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My first professional job out of college afforded me approx 25k a year, taxes withheld from 30k. In 2008, my tax rate was 15% which was $4500 plus an extra "single filing" of about $1000.

Guess what you didn't have to pay for? My health insurance (nor my tuition) Not all "poor" people stay "poor" forever. It's almost like you ignore the fact that entry level work exists... 17% in taxes for everyone is a bangin' deal compared to what we deal with today...variable and whatnot....fluctuating from one year to the next....hopping tax brackets for making only a tiny bit more....

That means, when I take home 33k, I only pay approx $5600 instead of around $8200. Get it? I can buy a new car, or stockpile gold, or get 400 tattoos, who cares. It's about giving people idle resources to do with what they please and promote savings.

(For the record, 25k is more than enough for one person to live on--provided you're not a booze hound suffering from an entitled mentality.)

Of course, Poppa Ron has it all right at 0%, but if you were REALLY his following act and knew you could actually win the Presidency, 17% qualifies as "reasonable"