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o rly?

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of those 70 comments, 98% of them consist of bashing aj and calling people stupid. and before you start, i don't even like the dude.

1) you seem to think you own the "liberty movement." you do not.
2) there is a clear disclaimer on this site saying:

"Content on the Daily Paul is the opinion of the original poster, not necessarily of the Daily Paul, its owner, moderators."

meaning that you have no grounds to be attacking people over what IS and what is NOT suitable to be posted. no one gives a shit if you think one idea is harmful to another. you want to exercise control over something, start with yourself.
3) you want to win all these 'stupid' people over? how about addressing them as human beings with respect, first. and perhaps try and lend something of substance to the conversations.

point is, you contribute NOTHING and you're an asshole in the process. it leaves me scratching my head how you haven't gotten the boot yet.