Comment: Gun owners ARE our national defense

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Gun owners ARE our national defense

It is very important to understand the following. The Constitution prohibits a standing Army. It authorizes a Navy, but not ground troops. In other words, the Constitution relegates the federal military to floating islands, i.e., ships. The Marine Corps was illegally invented as a branch of the Navy to circumvent the Constitutional prohibition against a standing Army. The Second Amendment IS our national defense. Nobody will ever invade a nation of 300 million gun owners. In the extremely rare event that a psychotic foreign power would dare to invade U.S. soil, only then can the Congress draft a Declaration of War and raise an Army to be funded for a maximum of 2 years to repel to invader. In all of U.S. history, only Britain and Mexico have been psychotic enough to invade U.S. soil. All of the foreign wars the U.S. has fought have been unconstitutional, even when a Declaration of War was made, from the Spanish-American War to the endless wars of today. There is no question that American citizens should be allowed to own bazookas. Even nuclear weapons. Consider ... if an American citizen is smart enough to build his own nuclear weapon, then he is smart enough to use it wisely, and he has the Constitutional right to keep it. Mere possession of ANY item should NEVER be a crime.