Comment: Musical Bazooka vs Army Bazooka

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Musical Bazooka vs Army Bazooka


Musical Bazooka
vs Army Bazooka

Bazooka Anti-tank Rocket Launcher 2 minute WW II era film

The bazooka was an anti-armor and anti-bunker, man-portable rocket launcher that became famous during World War II. Technically named as the M9 Anti-tank Rocket Launcher, it was also called "stovepipe" and used to deliver high explosives into machine gun nests and hardened bunkers in all WWII theaters. It was one of the primary infantry anti-tank weapons used by the United States Armed Forces, and was based on the principle of the high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shell. It impressed the German command as well, so much so they copied it except made it larger. It was nicknamed "bazooka" from a vague resemblance to the musical instrument of the same name invented and used by Bob Burns. The M1A1, M9, and M9A1 rocket launchers saw widespread use throughout WWII.

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