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Thanks For this Thread!

I would suggest moving it into the liberty forum and making it a DP original too this knowledge is all about true liberty! Don't worry about an critics!

Hopefully it will become the most popular and epic thread here! Imagine if all the intelligent folks here took full control and possession of their own minds as NH teaches? We can certainly change the world with that huge mastermind!

I read Napoleon Hills (NH) book "Think and Grow Rich" years ago but was not fully ready for all it taught. But some of it stuck with me. And I only recently began revisiting it this last year after stumbling across the videos so I dug the book out and re read it and one of his others that I have and it really hit home with me as to why I am where I am at this point in life and I have been applying his wisdom ever since.

Most of us have some experience with what he teaches on a small scale if we've ever made a plan to do something however small and followed through and completed the plan and felt the satisfaction of staying the course. All successful people follow his principles whether consciously or not. You can look and see it in anyone you know of who is successful. That's how I know the principles are sound and work.

Every single person on this planet is where they are in life because of the dominate thoughts of their minds. Your dominate thoughts have attracted all the circumstances into your life that you have acted on to put you exactly where you are. When I realized that it was almost devastating even though I thought I already knew it. I knew of it but never really took full responsibility of it. It hits home when you realize you are fully responsible for where you are in life and can't blame anyone else. Especially if your life has not turned out how you had hoped so far. The good news is it is never to late to start living the life you have always dreamed of.

Since I am into gardening I will liken the mind to a garden. If you do not cultivate the mind with what you want to produce just like a garden it will produce what ever the wind blows into it which is mostly weeds.

Unfortunately most of us have failed to cultivate the garden of our minds and they are full of weeds. What Napoleon Hill teaches is how to cultivate the mind with productive fruits and vegetables that will produce for a life time just like permaculture.

I have been doing what Napoleon says for several months now with a few periods of slacking off as old habits are hard to break and it is beginning to have a real effect on me. One of the things I did to speed things up was sleep learning.

The mind is like a computer. What's on the surface is only about 10% the majority of what goes on in the mind is under the surface or in the subconscious. Running the programs that have been put in there since we were kids and by our choices as adults through repetition of thought either positive or negative. For most it is mostly negative which as he says causes the majority to live in poverty or want and or misery or drudgery etc...

Sleep learning is an easy way to reprogram the subconscious. So I recorded my affirmations goals etc. and the prayer he gives and play it at night while I fall asleep and during sleep. It's taken a few weeks but it it really starting to have an effect on me and how I think and etc... I did have a period of several days where my old programming reasserted itself in an attempt not to be erased but I just kept persevering. I am no no longer stressed over some circumstances in my life right now that I have been for a while and feeling on top of the world and the ideas are starting to flow and I am training and taking action and formulating my plans for the future with enthusiasm etc.

If you paste this into the google search box it will bring up a free course of PDF files I read these and used to learn about sleep learning...

site: filetype:pdf

It's not easy overcoming a lifetime of habit that has kept you from getting where you want to be. I think sleep learning is a great way to apply NH's principles in an easier and faster way to take full control and possession of your own mind and cultivate the types of things you want to produce into your mind.

I can look back though and see some periods in my Life where I followed the principles without really knowing it and achieved some goals. The problem is I slacked off those principles and did not keep going caught up in negative thoughts and the blame game to some degree. But when I did it helped me to make a living in the computer business for over 25 years. I have been out of work now for several years in that field and blaming everything but myself for it. So now I have a new plan formulating to help feed people and make a living with Aquaponics and permaculture which is something I love doing.

The mind is the one thing we can fully control but most of us just leave it to the wind to sow what ever it will in our minds... That is also why we have the society we have today as the collective mindset is mostly negative full of fear and and want etc..

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