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Comment: Do you know how acid made it to the streets of my youth?

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Do you know how acid made it to the streets of my youth?

The CIA.
Anyway, they lied about it a lot. I worried myself nearly sick through 2 pregnancies. I had been told it could alter chromosomes - that was a lie. I know people HAD bad trips on acid, I just never knew anyone, and we did a lot of acid in those days. I had one friend who developed "permafry" from it, but even he never tried to hurt himself. I've also never had a "flashback" which I was told I would have the rest of my life.
As for the SSRIs, other than what they did to me, my husband had a co-worker kill himself on them and we had our last landlord kill himself on them, and we had a friend on his way to visit from Arkansas who had to turn around and go home to attend the funeral of a friend's wife who had just killed herself on them. I had a dear friend turn into a sexual deviant on them, blew her life to hell. That is just in my little world.

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