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income tax

The speech was decent. Sen Paul is a more eloquent public speaker than his Dad. He made some very good points. And then, he lost me again. Sadly, people cheering at a 17% flat income tax... is missing the point. I'm aware that our rates are much higher than that now, but a .5% flat income tax is an insult. I don't (well, shouldn't) owe the Government a single red cent on my income. It's MINE. I pay the other appropriate taxes etc etc, but I cannot support or cheer any proposal that says I owe Washington money because I earned it. So, despite the filibuster, and Rand Paul is earning points, and his stock is rising with more folks, I do not support him on this. At all. When you concede a little bit of it, you concede the whole principle. And while I understand the concept of "playing ball", I also understand the concept of robbery, and that's what the income tax is. And I will not cheer it or support it. Even if it's only a dollar. (also, personal income tax pays for nothing the government does, but that's another tale for another time.)