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Comment: Extreme constitutionalist question...

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Extreme constitutionalist question...

Child pornography? Absolutely... You're exploiting others.

Unless you were involved in MAKING this admittedly very SICK entertainment... how exactly are you exploiting others?

You get decades in prison if caught with a FILE like that on your computer. Regardless of how the file is made how can you be protected against some cop planting this on your computer? I go to the extreme when it comes to rights because I feel if you give them even the really DARK shade of grey they will take every shade all the way up to white.

Rights IMO - are a black and white issue... anything less gives an inch in preparation for the miles they will take. How does some sick demented individual VIEWING anything - regardless of what it is.. how does that infringe on the rights of anyone if he/she had no involvement in making it?