Comment: I'm feeling quite vindicated here

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I'm feeling quite vindicated here

and so should all the proud patriots who were brave enough to call BS as soon as they recognized all the tell-tale signs.

I was calling BS THAT DAY.

You've got about 3 days... if that... to reach the general public regarding any kind of tragedy like this. If you're not prepared to take a stand within that three days then pretty much everything you do after that is going to have a mere only a mere fraction of it's original influence on the entire situation.

The sheep by and large pay attention to something like this for a couple days and then it is forgotten.

Public servants usurping their offices frequently ask you "what do you have to hide" when you are simply asserting your right to not talk to them. Why aren't we asking the same questions when our questions are being avoided? Why aren't we ALL AUTOMATICALLY presuming the "govt" is complicit when they are dodging the SIMPLEST of requests for transparency?