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I think you're right about a lot of things...

The reason I like this topic is because it seems to bring together everything I'm doing, but serves to connect all the dots, affirm I'm on the right track, provides step-by-step real actions to help pursue my purpose, and it really helped determine what exactly that greater purpose is, though I'm still developing and fine tuning it.

I think I'd like to do what he's doing, help others realize their potential to promote personal responsibility through community and innovation and the principles of freedom. I talk about it here:

Goldwater Speechwriter, Karl Hess Explains Industrial Incubators & the Role of Community

I've always thought I wanted to help people, invent stuff, and start and sell businesses. I think my purpose is intertwined in those three endeavors which could potentially come together as an industrial incubator...perhaps it is here where our efforts can produce F.U.C.U. and other liberty businesses that will help replace the coercive institutions of government.

I started going back trying to see if the principles NH talked about had affected my life. I noticed how I used the power of the DP community to start Revolution Car Badges with merely $26. I had fostered an environment that allowed a random person to step forward and offer me financial assistance to get the business off the ground. Additionally, I sent one letter and a badge to Tom Woods, and he ended up writing a Facebook post on it. I sold out in less than a week.

Then I started thinking of every job I've ever had. I started in the entry position and in every job except one or two, I advanced to the highest position available....typically in management.

I've always felt I could bring the best out of people, and that I had a talent for seeing the positive things life...the hidden opportunities.

This weekend, I'm going to focus on determining on my life's purpose, so that I can write it down and then figure out a way to achieve it.

All my projects and ideas are secondary I think...merely a means to get to my end. I need a means to get to all my means...and all your means, so that together, we can all reach the end we so desire.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!