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On another thread, The Granger started a discussion about whether we should reach out to the Black Muslims and join forces. Here we have another thread about the Black Christian community. I say, hell, yes! Let's have this discussion and figure out a way to all stand together and grow even stronger.

jwmfridge, I replied to a comment you left on another post, about the video tape made by the African American man married to the white woman, who was in labor in the hospital. That was the strongest proof positive that Ron Paul is no racist. The African Americans I know who had seen that video, came out in full support of Dr. Paul because of it. They liked what he stood for but, were all torn up about his "being a racist". Then they saw that video and it became clear to them they were being played by TPTB. They all supported Obama in his first bid for the presidency but, were less than enamoured of him during the second bid. My friends heard Dr. Paul, then they saw that tape, and now they are with us. Why can't the rest of the Black community realize we are in this together?

(BTW, I am not up on political correctness and I do not wish to offend, so could you please tell me what is the more acceptable term for the "African American", "Black Community"? Your post doesn't make that clear to me and I think it would help if all of us can get that behind us. Thanks.)

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