Comment: Its frustrating when you know you are right and the gang

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Its frustrating when you know you are right and the gang

Who is wrong starts to bully can cajol lies to become the new truth.

Ron Paul learned to relax, smile and be soft spoken. Against fools, ignorance, evil, a soft spoken smile attitude will always rule. If you fight fire with fire by screaming back names and such you loose. For even if you can shout louder and even if you can get the dumb crowd chanting on your side. Even if you win the argument you only end up being exactly what you are opposed to and dead against. In this example you are for individual freedom and you end up with mob rule. By shouting back and name calling.

Thanks again Ron Paul for leading by example. Gandhi went through the same changes from what I have researched. His time in Africa was much the same as this time for Ron Paul but later with experience he started the passive resistance civil disobediance tactics that freed India from Brittan for a second.

I call it enlighened disengagement. Same thing just another term. Individual enlightened disengagement. And right now I think the strongest weapon a free person has is. Grow a garden. :)