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Comment: Adam?

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"a natural right to the access of natural resources"????

Say what? (16 min mark)

Adam, we have a natural right to our own Life, Liberty and the PRODUCT of our liberty which is Property, ie our actions when mixed with the material world begets property. Indeed, what is liberty in a vacuum? Its stagnation. What is liberty action in a material world but a fountain of property. Birds take actions to Live, and one of those actions results in the building of "bird property", ie nests. And they defend these nests like it was property. Indeed, its the product of their liberties. Well Man, Man is much more the busy beaver than are birds and dam building beavers for that matter. Man builds everything. He makes everything. He makes stone tools to spaceships and everything in-between, and ALL OF THAT depends upon Man's liberty. Life, Liberty & Property are our natural rights....

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