Comment: I wish he would be just a wee bit stronger....

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I wish he would be just a wee bit stronger....

...people with public ministries hold, to add a few thoughts...for you see, I have nothing close to what he has at risk, so...I'm gonna remain kinda LOUD about my thoughts regarding the demise of this Republic as a direct result of compromised Christianity!

Personal sins of Christians, on a personal level, can be dealt with; and the individual can suffer a proper rebuke, suffer Earthly consequences, and be restored unto a joyous redemption...but THIS leavened lump of Christendom, it is an ABOMINATION in God's sight, and it has brought this country to ruin; and its days are here come the remnants, voicing strong opposition now; but fearing that soon, we will be forced underground! History is cyclical, not linear!

Look, the church is facing EXTINCTION because of (not only) hypocrisy, but, the economy...and....they have NO CHOICE but to lick the boots of the State for survival; which only means...playing church, and spending what comes in the offering plates on creature comforts...with the State's PERMISSION! (creation evangelist Kent Hovind didn't voluntarily sign up to play by the State's rules with respect to running his ministry after he studied them out; but he has to use THEIR money system, as we all do...and know where he is by now)

They're paid priests, hired by the congregations, to tell them what they want to hear...the "good news" of today is..."if you do it the State's way, you can enjoy your limited freedoms"...

Now the congregations are being told by the clergy WHAT to believe regarding the veracity of the Bible; i.e. evolution, not creation!!! And now, of course; as is happening in Canada, with respect to political correctness(free speech), preaching against sin will lead to hate crimes for quoting scripture publicly; just keep your mouth SHUT, and we'll be fine!!!

Even in the Intelligent Design realm, I called it first; the "designer" behind the intelligence is NOT Jesus Christ, or, the God of our Bible's and our founders.

This movement here is severely divided regarding this, but, this conversation draws their interest; so hopefully we can get those who hate ALL religions equally(zeitgeist fans etc.) to personally investigate if a Creator higher than Caesar we can have a STANDARD by which to criticize and publicly shame liars, thieves, hypocrites, and murders out of office

There is NO WAY this nation can move towards 25% of Ron Paul's domestic policy objectives WITHOUT Divine help...what is entrenched, that which refuses to CUT SPENDING, is purely Satanic and hellbent on a greater misery than we are living under today!

This nation is going through a cycle in history common to what happens when a nation is so blessed that they no longer acknowledge where the blessing came from(and of course we have Europe as an example); and I for one, find it offensive when libertarians jump on the bandwagon of what Dr. Ben Carson has begun, while mocking creationists and bible-thumpers BECAUSE guys like Obama, Santorum, Gingrich and George W. Bush, and the CLERGY and congregations that SUPPORT the STATIST-quo, give all Christians a bad name!

Honesty and trustworthiness in any statesman can ONLY come from proper reverence for a Creator; it's a self-correcting, self-restraining intrinsic trait, and I for one would indeed expect that it is evident in persons of even different faiths, who have yet to fully explore the entire Gospel message and the whole counsel of God(not just the cherry-picked parts that justify and perpetuate the fractional reserve banking system - which is what any and all SILENT pastors are IGNORING).

God ALLOWED this nation to fall into this trap, God has indeed sent many "prophets" and WISE messengers to raise objection to a great many sorrows that we have pierced ourselves with BECAUSE we love, and crave security through trusting in money instead of the many more has He tried to send, but they were murdered in an abortion?

Add it all up: our fiscal slide is the direct result of our moral slide...and that's BIBLICAL, not "common sense"...a common morality built on man's intellect, and man's contemporary whims is a rubber ruler, and no solid standard for ethics, behavior, law, or lasting education unto is inch deep, and mile wide; just like the counterfeit Christianity that has been silently destroying our nation from within for about two generations now; and is now BOLDLY and publicly repudiating the clear teachings of the Scriptures, and is only months away from open civil war against the fundamentalists who dare to call out these false teachers and false religious systems to their face for being in complicit lock step with their master, the State, trying to quell dissent!

Pawns, used by the communists to achieve their ends; they will all be grinded into powder, along with the homosexuals, when the police state model and absence of resistance is achieved!

Ye shall know them by their fruits, your heart is where your treasure what kind of men shall Christians be looking towards for leadership, as this nation collapses, or gets swallowed up into the tentacles of global governance? Men, like Moses; who although he ultimately lost out on his chance to enter into the promise land(the Earthly consequence of his disobedience; [go look up what King David likewise suffered as consequences for his sin with Bathsheba]); Hebrews 11: 24 By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter;
25 Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;
26 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.

This man in Christian leadership Stands with Rand, for example!

God doesn't spank the devil's children; that's Chuck's secondary message...churches prospering by submitting to the State's direction, are under poor, unqualified, and perhaps unbiblical leadership...the enemy of the outward Christian church, is THE actual church of the Lord Jesus Christ...same as it was in the days of the Roman Empire, just as it was during the Reformation, same as it was until those Puritans fled here, and were followed!

Government is indeed force; instituted by God, with stewardship responsibility in the hands of men...and so..."let men be good, and government cannot be bad"...