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Comment: Excellent discussion although...

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Excellent discussion although...

I could not help but think that Adam was in over his head at times. Of course its a bit easier to sit back, pause, rewind, replay...

Yet the interview was good enough. It brought out Peter Joseph's Marxist views, those OLD worn out proven false concepts that have been repackaged into shinny new (and wonderful) science bling bling bling talk. Yet those old concepts are antithetical to libertarian theory and Peter Joseph knows this, at least much more so than our good man Adam.

Here are those FALSE Marxist concepts espoused by Peter Joseph.

FALSE Marxist concept #1) Value is objective and can be calculated, i.e. the libertarian subjective theory of value is not true. Hence the price system can be done away with and wiser system of valuation put in place "that is in accordance the laws of nature (and bio-social pressures), where by we grow to develop and IMPLEMENT value systems based on these restrictions a world without money".

FALSE Marxist concept #2) The Labor Theory of Value is true and correct and we can, using statistical analysis calculate it.

FALSE Marxist concept #3) Marxist historical dialectic is true and correct.

FALSE Marxist concept #4) HUMANS have class-division, and classdivision is an evil, and it must be forcefully fought against as 'evolutionary neuropsychology tells us'.

FALSE Marxist concept #5) Voluntarism is a false principle to follow because force is not clear cut, its relative, and we are all connected, not individual islands. Just the exchange of an idea is force, influencing is force, having no job is force... ie, all those without jobs are "FORCED" to work for the one baseball bat manufacturing company that comes to town. Since we are not individuals, we are all connected, the company used "force" against the "community" by only paying a low wage.... where upon "we know" that the profits are not giving back to the people making the bats (Labor theory of value) and "we know" how much those bats "really cost" us (mankind) because we can now scientifically statistically understand the "true cost" of the wood and metal bats from nature as a whole. Hence we need to produce just enough to ensure sustainability and not exploitation of the "world's resources". We know all of this because of our "New" understanding of our place in the laws of nature & being able to relate to that and develop value systems based on that, a world without money.

FALSE Marxist concept #6) All of the above gives us "scientifically achieved" "social balance" and the right amount of happiness and tamed the greed of Mankind... ie, no one needs a green-blue Ferrari and a mansion. [except of course scientific party members, they will need one of course. See George Orwell's Animal Farm)

FALSE Marxist concept #7) "Finally we know what science is for". Its to be used for scientific planning. (gee I thought it was a methodology tool we use to get at truth, the "Is" rather than the "ought".). ... With a scientifically managed and value calculated economy, we will create enough abundance that we will "live in harmony" with the "deep coercion in nature, the laws of nature", and equalize the classes (end class conflict) and end Man's hierarchies. And while we will NOT have everything we want, wanting more would be a crime against humanity because, you see, we know want Man needs and we know how to make him live "within the laws of nature", scientifically.


Ok, enough of Peter Joseph. Now lets talk science. Real science.

Real science and particularly the sciences of man is a good thing, and the more science moves along in its understanding of Man's Nature, the more the libertarian prescription looks very good. What does NOT look good is Marxism. See Steven Pinker's wonderful book, THE BLANK SLATE: The Modern Denial of Human Nature. See here:

More over, Steven Pinker's latest book, has plenty to say on this argument over anarchy, big government, monarchy, etc. I greatly encourage all anarcho-capitalists to pick up the book as fast as you can. We all need to have this one under our belt, much like we all have Lysander Spooner and Murray Rothbard and Von Mises, Hazlitt, Ayn Rand, Milton and David Friedman all under our collective belts. Go get this book and lets start talking.

THE BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE: Why Violence Has Declined, by Steven Pinker.

Please buy today, Go here:


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

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