Comment: probably not "either/or", but "a little of . . .

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probably not "either/or", but "a little of . . .


I read all the comments, and I appreciate being enlightened about all of these things--

If *we* declare that all of these towns are set up, then *we* merely open ourselves up to ridicule--

but the possibility exists that, alongside people who are entirely ignorant of these happenings, there are those who are part of a 'play'--,_Arkansas

This wiki entry about Mena, Arkansas makes it sound like just another American small town, but below there is a short paragraph about 'allegations'--

it was a town built by railroaders; why not eventually become a place where drugs would be delivered? There have always been 'innocents' in such places--

and those who are not so innocent.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--