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"Truth Never Told"

"Truth Never Told" gives a new meaning to his username when it comes to Bitcoin. He is routinely spreading disinformation and FUD. Chris Duane has not done his homework on Bitcoin. He has not studied encryption, and how it is _mathematically impossible_ to reverse-engineer. He doesn't understand that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer technology which cannot be controlled or stopped by a malicious entity. He doesn't understand that Bitcoin is a "protocol" (a fixed set of rules), versus "software" (which can be changed).

He makes silly claims like "CIA Involvement with Bitcoin Developer". What really happened is that the CIA simply asked a Bitcoin EXPERT (Gavin Andersen) for information on the system. When it comes down to it, Gavin doesn't have any more power to change Bitcoin than my pet cat. Gavin can (and has) developed a Bitcoin client, which is open-source (thus, freely auditable by anyone) which users can _voluntarily_ adopt, but he can't forcibly change the rules of Bitcoin. Neither can the CIA. Nor anyone else.

A common theme on this website is failure to do our own homework. Often times the evidence is not right in front of our faces, which makes "doing our own homework" very difficult for the average individual. This is not the case with Bitcoin. All the evidence required to validate the system is freely available, and although some of it is difficult to understand (i.e. computer code, encryption, "block chain", etc.), the information is there. There is absolutely no excuse for Bitcoin ignorance, yet it still runs rampant on this site (as well as the greater web).

There are people on this site who will never use Bitcoin because they believe we will have massive, long-term power-outages or that the government will shut down the entire (global) internet. That's totally fine, as that's what they believe and who am I to tell them they're wrong? But even these people should be saying, "yes, Bitcoin works, but I refuse to use it because I believe in (power-outage / internet shut-down)." This is sadly not the case.

I think I will write a stand-alone article about this. Thanks for the inspiration!