Comment: Newt Gingrich also converted to Catholocism...

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Newt Gingrich also converted to Catholocism...

...from being a Baptist...

Catholics are split on Obama, abortion, many of them also are engaged in perpetuating the Federal Reserve Banking system, and innumerable ponzi schemes; also publicly engaged, over-indulging even, in so many vices common to man such as adultery, pornography, gambling, alcohol???

I used to strive in our small Tea Party movement back in southeast Michigan with a former state representative who so badly wanted the Catholic Church to go back to the Latin Mass, and preach against sin, and do church discipline...the frustration in that body must be greater than it has ever been, and it's obvious to me that like any social club of the Southern Baptist Convention, they're just serving money and creature comforts, and not God or our posterity.

I live in one of the MOST Catholic suburbs of Chicagoland - we host the 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day parade in Chicagoland; but how many Catholics KNOW who St. Patrick was, what country he was from, and how he got his fame through a political cannonization?

Salvation is the end-all, be-all of the Christian faith; this is what Christ died for...and for a Catholic, or any professing believer, to NOT KNOW that Jesus and the Bible has much to say about idolatry, false systems of religion, false teachers and all the rest that offends God; and to not appreciate being warned against following your Jeremiah 17:9 wicked human heart, and against the tide of coming to God on your OWN terms, with the excuse "well, that's what I was taught" ... this is why human wars, or nation-sacking by evil outside forces become an inevitability... a PURGING in a land must take place when God sees corruption reigns, and sin rules, and the people no longer cares if the Creator is reverenced, or, if anyone comes to Christ through the narrow gate at all...the corruption, by those professing an allegiance/alignment to God, MUST be stopped at some point when Christ's name is being dragged through the mud.

I wish it wasn't such an uncomfortable reality; but, people on this site are drawn to the TRUTH, and they hate war - Catholics included. But one of the basic encouragements we receive from each other is to self-educate, to NOT trust every man, and every fad or movement...

So...I throw this stuff out there, because I see so much attention being given to this event of electing a new pope; and, when the next worldwide Christian/religious event grabs hold of the attention of the politically concerned, I will once again turn to the scriptures and let Christians know; we are to be in this world as witnesses of His truth for the sake of the Kingdom, but not one with this world which is condemned already because of Adam's sin.

I'm sorry you're offended; but once a sincere follower of Christ is given this knowledge and clear teaching about false religious systems, and man's bent towards making a god of his own liking so he can tell himself he is forgiven rather than holding the scriptures up to his face as a mirror which will provoke a contrite spirit - the conviction, the gratitude, the urge to warn others to ESCAPE from those traps never leaves the believer.

Justification, comes through repentance and faith; and ALL who come to Christ must enter through the narrow gate, individually; not through the sacraments with the whole congregation at once.

I would also point all those interested to book by a former Catholic, Mike Gendron - and - any others who are interested about the narrow gate, that FEW(not many) find, to take in the John MacArthur sermon on Matthew 7:13-14 that I made into a YouTube(parts A through H) found HERE:

If I stand to be corrected doctrinally, about salvation, justification, sanctification, and the hope of Heaven; I'm all ears...I don't seek "converts"; Christ does!!!

But to be encouraged to keep silent, well, that's how America has fallen into this abyss! Thanks to the "Christians"!