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Good, we agree.

That's all my point was, about nukes. Everyone should have access to any weapon a government has, and in the case of nukes I can't just feel that citizens should own them, too. No one wins in a nuclear war. I don't think a person who was a criminal and has paid their dues should lose their right to vote and to be armed. I don't think the "crazy" should lose their right to be armed. More and more horseshit is becoming considered insanity. The psychology community already has made it a disorder called "anti-government phobia," or AGP. It's not in the DSM, but there is supposed to be a new revision to the DSM coming out in May of this year.

I see a lot of this crap converging in a perfectly-timed manner. Implantable devices mentioned in the ObamaCare bill to be coming soon. A new DSM in May. Confiscation of guns of the "mentally ill" being enacted into law. NDAA. Financial collapse. North Korea (another globalist puppet nation to sacrifice) wanting to nuke the US.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.