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The first thing that I would consider is the weight. The weight of any vehicle has a lot to do with its mileage. Batteries are very heavy compared to air tanks of the same size. How often does one hear of an air compressor exploding and injuring people? I had batteries pop right under my face (accidentally shorted battery while it was charging and producing hydrogen gas) My ex-wife had a battery explode, right in my car, at the mall, spontaneously!

First, it seems the compressed air would be safer. The trade off is what type and how much energy is required to pressurize the system. Air would be greener than other cars while operating. But, just like electric cars, there would be carbon production to supply the energy for the compressors. That is ignoring the carbon footprint that is developed while the vehicle is being manufactured. The only way to eliminate carbon footprint charging is to have a compressor capable of developing the stored energy needed to operate on a very low power battery system, rechargeable through solar, as well as, other power sources.

Efficiency would be secondary, if air is the fuel! But, to be able to propel a vehicle, energy is going to have to be expended. It does not matter whether or not it is air powered. Just sayin'!