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Comment: The Perfect Propaganda?

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The Perfect Propaganda?

"The perfect slave needs no shackles, he has been conditioned to think that he is free."

The tool known as a shackle comes in many forms including iron rings, iron chains, and lies couched as truth.

"The perfect slave reasons away his slavery, by continuously arguing the degree of his enslavement."

That is nearly perfect nonsense since there is no reason in fabricating the removal of an existing thing while the existing thing persists to exist. Why abuse language to a point where the word reason is used in place of the unreasonable? A reasonable slave accepts enslavement, an unreasonable slave lacks the power of reason, failing to even realize, or reason out, the condition of enslavement.

A viewer removes a thing from view while viewing it, and that is an example of reason worth exemplifying?

"The perfect slave is so easily manipulated by his superstition, because the slave master understands the nature of man."

The full measure of a slave master my not be well known by the slave master, failing to see, or wishing away, the fact that the slave master is himself a captive of his own making, growing more dependent upon a chosen vocation, a chosen market, where the scarcity of slaves demands an ever larger increase in the need for more work, to keep the slaves working.

"It is very simple: Give the slaves drama and diversion so they can easily be divided and conquered. Let them tear each other down, while they are being raped and pillaged by the slave master."

It is very simply destruction for the pure joy of it, the profit of making evil people happy, and those caught in that trap include those who fail to realize their own vested interest in keeping the ball rolling, so long as a lesser evil is next on the rack and then into the pile.

"Let the slaves think they are in control by letting them vote for a new master."

And let the lesser evil slave masters think they are free from the inevitable, when it will be their turn on the rack, and into the pile.

"Let them fight about their man made religion, their skin pigment, their sexuality, the degree of their slavery and their God complex."

The god complex is a counterfeit version of something, and it may be a good idea to take a long look at that which is being counterfeited.

"Poison their food and water and then condition the slaves to believe that it is good for them. Take away everything that is natural, then condition the slaves to be unnatural."

Even as, perhaps, may be the case, where the lesser evil people eat the babies born of their victims, while raping them, the same poison fed to those victims poisons those lesser evils and enriches the greatest evil, which is simply, again, the pure joy and profit of destruction including, by that counterfeit reasoning: self-destruction.

"Make the slaves sick, then offer them a cure. Flood their world with addiction, then make it illegal."

Here is a very curious measure of falsehood that inspired me to respond in the way I am responding. The abuse of accurate language can be exemplified with nearly perfect examples. Those two sentences are contenders in the effort expended to perfectly communicate the abuse of language, as if something, some nebulous thing, some counterfeit thing, was to be gained by someone for such effort.

"Extraordinary Rendition," for example, is a label used to cover up a crime in progress that is made legal by the criminals who perpetrate that crime, and the use of false language confesses guilt, in my opinion, so what is the reasoning behind those two sentences written in that way?

I am curious about that question specifically.

"And the most important thing. Make sure you condition the slaves to immediately deny their slavery when it is pointed out to them."

The absolute most evil, not the lesser, is still trapped in their own need for self destruction, their need to be happy about destruction, for they will work every harder to get what they may never get.

"That is your cue, reason it away."

I am going to point this answer to this Topic to my good friend IN Liberty, bear, and hope that she can appreciate how valuable her contribution is to discussion as a whole human POWER.

Those who reason away death as being nothing, may be right about their idea of what death is, or what death is not, and perhaps they know better.

I don't. I'm still alive.