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To be clear

I didn't say I agree with the exact things he supports. I said I agree with his stated morals behind that support. His intentions are good. It's up to us to educate him on the evil stuff going on related to those things. For example, if he only gets his info on vaccines from the AMA and the media, he would not know or believe the evil vaccine claims. Change that. Same goes for the evils surrounding Monsanto, ADM and Cargill. Is this cause to denigrate his efforts?

If you look at the actual progress his support has made, he has indirectly halted the deaths of more than a million people in Africa. He frequently quotes more info on more diseases than I even knew existed and he gives concrete paths to getting those people cured. Can you do that off the top of your head? No? Then don't discredit him for that.

Your linked article misses one very important fact in all this. There is a distinct difference between good vaccines and bad ones. Polio vaccine has been given to just about everyone in the developed world. It has stopped a horrible epidemic in it's tracks for us. This PROVES that there is a good polio vaccine. Now, if the article is to be believed (which I tend towards), then there is also a bad polio vaccine. This means there are people trying to sterilize women through this process. What this doesn't prove is that Mr. Gates is involved or even aware of that. If I were in his shoes, I would hopefully know of the problem and I would do everything I could to ensure the safe one was given and then I would not comment on the situation. By keeping quiet, I think it keeps the focus on the disease and stops a war-type situation with the people trying to do evil. Just my thoughts.

Oh, and how much water/food etc. has he given? I don't know but I'm completely against that. "Give a man a fish..." comes to mind. I would rather foster their economic growth so they can afford to do what they chose once they got better educated.