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He Was a Success Coach

He wasn't an adviser on policy etc. but on personal achievement. He had a series of schools for the Science of Personal Achievement. Today we would call it a success coach. Also back in the day people did not know what we now know about Wilson and others etc. He was seeing the world in context of his times when people still saw America as the beacon of freedom and hope we were all taught it was and had more confidence in their leaders and looked up to some of these people as successful people not knowing much about them.

I know my Grandfather thought Wilson was a pretty good President but was sure Johnson killed Kennedy! Maybe that's where my conspiracy roots are LOL. I think this knowledge could help us return it to that ideal.

We are still battling that mindset today. Even not so nice people can still use some of these principles to accomplish their goals. And this is the kind of knowledge elites would like to keep hidden and suppressed too as they all use it to keep ahead of the masses so to speak.

Which quote do you like?

I am re reading his last book he wrote before he died called "Grow Rich with Peace of Mind". I believe he was in his 80's when he finished it and it is really good and filled with wisdom after a life time of achievement himself. However he talks a lot about wealthy folks who have no peace of mind and are miserable and why as opposed to those who have material wealth and non-material wealth of the mind heart and soul.

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