Comment: Same Old Questions Still Unanswered

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Same Old Questions Still Unanswered

If Adam Lanza was under a physician's care, how come we have not heard from his doctor? Why haven't the media attempted to obtain a statement from him/her as to what he was diagnosed with, medications administered, number of treatment visits, progress of care, referrals to other doctors, etc.?

Also the stories cites, "...In fact, Carver already has released selective information about Lanza’s autopsy ..." Really?

What information was released to the public?

Such as:

1. Lanza's physical description (i.e., height, weight, birth marks, body tattoos, etc).

2. Approximate time of death.
3. Clothing worn.
4. Location of the fatal entry wound to his body.
5. Location of any other wounds, puncture or needle marks found.
6. A list of any drugs found in his blood or in his stomach.

7. A list of any documents found on the body including a description of his brother's identification (Ryan).

8. Confirmation Adam's fingerprints were found on the weapons and on the steering wheel of the Honda he allegedly drove to the school.

Oh, and one other question; who confirmed so quickly on Friday December 14, 2012 the body at the crime scene was Adam Lanza?

Until these questions are answered I don't believe Adam Lanza committed these murders because no plausible motive has been given.