Comment: Nice article, some great points...

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Nice article, some great points...

Nice article, very appreciated. Gives us some clear points of distinction with neocon GOP policies. I liked the point in this paragraph:

And if they (China) really are trying to copy us as Rubio claims, we are setting an incredibly dangerous precedent with our foreign policy. So somehow when America does regime change, drone bombings into foreign countries, nation building, unilaterally invading other nations, threatening them with sanctions, and torturing and ceorcing its enemies, this is a good thing? But when China "follows" American lead on these issues in the future, it will be a bad thing? What happens when these kinds of things are done against Americans by a foreign power? These are serious questions that need to be addressed.

I agree - we need to exercise self-restraint as a country, lest we set examples which other countries can cite as justification for their own interventionist policies.

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