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This idea has some serious

This idea has some serious potential. What about a "American Hero Fund." We would raise a money bomb as a cash pot to whistleblowers or any who make a considerable stand against corruption. Those who do the most good.

We could start with Bradly Manning. If everyone pledges $10 or $20 bucks we could get a pretty serious pot which whistle blowers could use to help pay their legal fees.

Incentivse good behavior and you get more of it.

Sure its hard to compete with a government pention plan, but as things begin to deteriorate, whistle blowers begin to be more frequent in any government, anywhere in the world. Here in the US, our government is trying very hard to deincentivise whistle blowinging with coersion... I saw we incentivise it to counter the government's coersion. I bet there are plenty of people who might be willing to hang these elitest criminal scum out to dry for a couple hundred thousand dollars raised in a liberty money bomb.