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Comment: Watts Up With That, the #1

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Watts Up With That, the #1

Watts Up With That, the #1 science blog on the internet, has a policy not to entertain conspiracy theories, and comments with the use of the word "chemtrail" in the comment will be put in the filter hole. It's a good policy because it helps hold the conversation about real science to a higher standard.

I submitted the video in this article to the site and Anthony Watts allowed the video to be posted in my comment. You notice this video makes no mention of the word "Chemtrail", as that is considered a conspiracy theory.

More and more the topic of "Geo-Engineering" is being discussed in the science blogs because of it's relation to man-made climate change and man-made global warming. With real documentation coming out on the geo-engineering programs going on, the issue will be discussed by the mainstream more and more.

My point is, try to substitute the word "Geo-Engineering" in your videos instead of using the word "Chemtrail". There is a larger audience you can be reaching by doing that.