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The "official" State position is the creation account in the Bible is NOT true; a Creator that powerful, mighty, and awesome WILL NOT be heard from slapping down our professing Christians holding political power as they militarily intervene and murder peoples, topple their governments, plunder their wealth, print money out of thin air and write IOU's to themselvesand others, promote abortion, promote homosexuality etc. etc. etc....that's why so much money to push the lies found/well refuted for years now in the textbooks...

Evolution is indeed a race-favoring worldview, where by death, things get BETTER....stupid...and the opposite of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and we Christians can go on about that later amongst ourselves(remember, how BIG is the God who saved you from the wrath of God sinners deserve?)

Oh sure, we can blame parents and Christians for not sitting on textbook committees, but, what business is it of the State to support a religious worldview with tax dollars?

Now, the State media, is getting BIG celebrity Christians to cast their doubt upon the creation account on national television; and, they do it to remain relevant, but also for ECONOMIC reasons!

Creation might be an inter-church dialogue and position is, that.fundamentalist churches willing to cave on the six-day creation account will likewise be willing to tell their congregations to render unto Caesar your GUNS!

Compromise is my beef here...especially when the church is becoming a friend of the world, which according to Scripture, puts them at enmity with God.

We just want the lies out of the textbooks that tax dollars pay for...not creation in the schools....schools are for Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic(and the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the RUCKUS Ron Paul has started!!!)