Comment: OH BOY, this could be real fun.

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OH BOY, this could be real fun.

For the visual, you could have a very bright green grassy manicured lawn with trees, daisies, red poppies, yellow butterflies, blue birds, a wolf, a bear, and a dodo bird scattered around looking very satisfied.

In the center of the cheery scene there will be a rather small enclosure with prison style barbed wiring. Inside the enclosure the bright colors will abruptly stop. The scene inside will be extremely distopic with tinges of freedom peeping through. There will be no grass, maybe a dark grey unknown surface. The landscape inside will be all black and grey. There will be a great number of eerily happy gauntly looking black and grey impossibly skinny cyborg type humans inside. Each one will look 90% human but have a small detail of their character exposing a robot type feature - perhaps some loose wires, exposed circuits, obvious bionics or what have you. They can be doing things ordinary people might do in the out of doors.

In the very middle of the scene there will be a Soviet style high-rise (rickety, superficially good, each dwelling uniform in design but creative by default(humans thinking independently adding a/c, a window flower box with mildly bright flowers, a mildly bright pretty dress or a pair of basketball shoes hanging to dry)), very dark (sorta Gotham meets the Matrix), and impossibly designed (as in Escher's staircases, meaning 'not gonna work, dude'). This building can have some muted colors (red and blue)as it grows up into the larger portion. The base of this colossal building will be very tiny. It will get larger as it ascends. By the time it reaches the top of your board it will be as big as the poster. It will look precariously ready to topple. It will also cast a shadow across a large portion of the board - even across one section of the animal paradise. And, of course, it will display its most redeeming feature: IT WON'T WORK. I have included some images to help you get an idea. Let me know if you like it. I can come up with lots more.